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Carnic Alps - Nostalgic Photo Album no. 1

Old views of the Carnic Alps


A superb, unparalleled jewel right in the heart of the Carnic Alps, just a stone’s throw from the Austrian-Italian border, Lake Wolayer and the rocky giants which wreathe it entice hikers and climbers to this axis every year anew. Despite its popularity, it has retained its untouched quality and nature is still utterly intact.

In 1894, on the shores of the small mountain lake, the Kötschach Section of the Alpine Club of Upper Gail Valley (at the time German and Austrian DÖAV) built a refuge for overnights and named it the Wolayersee Refuge. In 1909 it passed into the hands of the Austrian Alpine Club. The grand opening took place in summer 1897, more than a hundred years ago. The “Carnic Alps - Nostalgic Photo Album” is to inspire a recollection of these earlier day in word and picture. We wish readers of the texts and gazers at the photos much pleasure in leafing through it.

W. Robert Peters
(Section Upper Gail Valley / Leschtal)
in summer 1997

The little book “Carnic Alps - Nostalgic Photo Album no. 1 was created with the friendly assistance of the Austrian Alpine Club, Section Upper Gail Valley-Lesachtal.

Available at:
Buchhandlung Moser, Kötschach 3